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The Savant Pro App lets you control your lighting, climate, entertainment, and security from a single app on your Android device.

The redesigned Savant Pro App now gives you faster access to scenes, services, and settings that let you change the atmosphere in any room with just a tap. The App also features a new look for lighting and climate controls, making it easier to use than ever before.

With Savant, you can turn on your lights before you get home, coordinate your thermostats and window shades to save energy, and stream your favorite Sonos playlists to any room. Plus, you can view rooms at a glance to keep an eye on things from anywhere.

Combine multiple services into Savant Scenes you can access with a tap. Schedule a "Good Morning" scene to warm up the house, open the blinds, and turn on the news for when you wake up—or set the mood for "Date Night" with a perfect playlist and romantic lighting you can bring to life when the moment's right.

Get peace of mind with convenient access to your system from anywhere. Receive customized alerts via email or push notification if something is amiss.

PLEASE NOTE: Use of this app requires a Savant System running a minimum of 8.0 software, that has been installed and licensed by a Savant Authorized Integrator. To inquire about getting a system installed, visit and find an integrator in your area.

Also, be sure to speak to your Savant Authorized Integrator about enabling other features
and hardware updates available in earlier versions of 8.X, including
-Savant Music support for Sirius XM and Deezer
-IP Audio Speakers, including Soundbars and Micro Aperture Architectural Speakers
-New Artison Backpack, slim surround sound amplifier
-USAI Lighting Fixtures & Wired LED Lighting Strips
-Savant Multistat Smart Thermostat
-Savant Music 2.0
-Savant IP Video with Audio Processing
-Savant Button Remote
-Savant Super Pro Host
-TrueImage on the Savant Pro Remote
-Google Home and Amazon Alexa Support
-Door lock and garage door services
From version Savant Pro pro-9.4.2:

This release includes support for an all new Savant Music integration with TIDAL and bug fixes.
Speak to your Savant Authorized Integrator about enabling new features in 9.4, including:
- The new Savant Music experience - Love from your favorite music services, with a new personalized dashboard, cross-service searching, and more.
- Ring X Integration – Answer your door and view Ring Cameras on Savant
- NOON Lighting System integration
- The Savant IP Audio WiSA® Bridge

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