SafeBox password manager is the best tool to protect your private data, in a simple and secure way.
Main features:
* SMART: Designed to be simple, the more intuitive and usable as possible
* SECURE: All the internal data structure is encrypted with AES cryptography
* ISOLATED: It doesn't requires internet access or any other particular permission so it maintain the highest isolation level for your private data
* Safe copy management: It's possible to backup/restore safe copies of your encrypted archive
A free limited version "SafeBox password manager free" is available on Google Play Store.
Please, help us to improve SafeBox password manager.
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From version SafeBox password manager 3.0:

Bug fixes / improvements:
- Fix: style fix in cut/copy/paste pupop window (thanks Alessia!)
- Fix: exit process now releases all memory resources
- Security improvement: Safebox shut down automatically after 10 minutes of inactivity time
- Build improvement: Built with the last Android build tools

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