For runners to build and manage personalised 5k to marathon training plans

RunPlan helps you to organise your racing and training calendar. Used as a personal running coach you can choose a personalised marathon training plan or a 5k training plan. If you're getting started try the Couch to 5k plan. Keep your race calendar up to date!

How many weeks until your next race? Add races, time trials or your planned parkrun events to your plan to have an easy place to go and see your list of races and get a countdown to the date. Fill in a target time and we'll show you the pace required to hit that time. Add extra information such as race start time or location as needed. You'll see your next race on the homepage. Select 5k, 10k, half marathon, marathon or alternatively enter your own custom race distance.

Your list of running sessions is the main feature of the application. Here we have key details of your runs such as warm-up, the main set, cool-down and of course the date along with the training type and total estimated distance. Estimated distance is used to calculate your total weekly running mileage, including race distances, which is displayed on top of the screen. This should help plan out a sensible weekly load. Save templates to avoid regularly entering the same information.

Build out your own running plan or get stuck into one of ours. Personalised running training plans are available for all levels of runners. Select from Couch to 5k, Improver's Plan, 5k Training Plan and Marathon Training Plan. Couch to 5k will get you started with a standard running plan that takes you from a mix of jogging and walking, up to 30 minutes of steady running and ready to take on your local parkrun. The improver's training plan builds from 2 runs per week up to 4 runs per week and is tailored to you based on your current 5k pace. There is also a 4 week repeatable training block suitable for all levels for runners who are used to running regularly and want to add some structure to their training. This plan is also good for 10k training, half marathon training or marathon training. For a longer term plan try the marathon training plan which builds up to a target race pace over 16 weeks.

Connect with other RunPlan users. This allows you to view the full list of races that they intent to run along with details of their next training session. Copy a race from their running training plan into your own plan. This feature enables you to quickly see what your friends have planned, perhaps with a view to joining them in their next training session or race.

Running Apps For You
From version RunPlan: Training Plans | Couch to 5k to Marathon 7.12:

Enhancements to improve removing all sessions for a selected plan

Todayu0027s Plan

Review & update your Today's Plan analytics data

Ripit - HIIT Interval Training

App for intense workouts with Reps (distance intervals) or HIIT (time intervals)

Couch to 5k & 10k

Get Fit in 9 weeks with Couch to 5k & 10k

Couch to 10K Running Trainer

10K Trainer is the easiest program to get beginners from couch potatoes to 10K!

Half Marathon Trainer 13.1 21K

Based on a run/walk program, this is the best beginners Half Marathon Trainer!

C25K® - 5K Running Trainer

The OFFICIAL C25K® (Couch to 5K) Running Program! Train for a 5k in just 8 weeks

5K parkrunner results

Access your 5k and junior results history and the latest results for each event

Half Marathon Training Coach

Train to run 21K/13 miles with our Half Marathon Training: 21K Great for cardio!


Runcoach provides the personalization of a world-class coach for all runners.

Formyfit - Your virtual running coach

Assess your fitness level & Generate 100% individualized training plans

Pace Control - running pacer

Keep your running pace under control. Your reliable personal pacemaker.

Run With Hal: Running, Marathon Training Plans App

Marathon & running training plans that adapt to your schedule, routine, fitness.

RunGo - Audio-Guided Running Routes

RunGo is the running app that gives directions.

RunMotion Coach - Running

Adaptive training plan for 5k, 10k, marathon, wellness and more running goals

Runnea: running training

Running training and virtual challenges

Trenara Running App - training plans & coaching

Advanced adaptive personal running plans. From couch to 5k, to ultra marathon.

Bike2PEAK Cycling Training Plan

Dynamic and indivdual training plan for cycling

Half Marathon (21k / 13.1m)

Use the Vandersoft Half Marathon app to improve to help you run a Half Marathon!

Vitesse Running App: Workouts, Tracker & Coaching

Run with 200+ workouts created by Olympic runners and coaches.

running.COACH - training plan

Training system developed by marathon record holder Paula Radcliffe