Reach your running goals using free Running Fitness & Calorie Sport tracker fitness app. With its simple and user friendly UI this app will become an ideal fitness companion for you.
This Running Fitness & Calorie Sport tracker fitness app is your running companion that will record all the details of your activities, letting you enjoy your outdoor experience .
GPS based Running & Jogging fitness app will let you record your running routes and save them for the later review and analysis.
*Switch between metric and imperial units
*Current running speed based on GPS reciever
*Maximum running speed
*Total duration of the activity
*Altitude provided by GPS
*Running distance
*Average running speed
*Google maps
*Tracking your running route
*Saves your activities
*Export GPX and KML of your activities
*Calorie count
* Optional Auto Pause: you do not need to manually pause ,start or stop activities during signal loss or breaks.
* Google Maps - all the details of your current location in your running app
* Configuring display - you can choose the values that are shown on your display during running and other fitness activities.
* Dark theme and Google Map night styles will help you save your phone's battery life - Dark Theme will bring you convinience during night runs , and will significantly improve battery life during the day.
With its simple interface Running Fitness & Calorie Sport tracker will provide the best experience for your fitness and other outdoor activities. You can track the amount of calories burned the app will also provide you with the data like distance ,total duration of the activity and etc..
This Running Fitness & Calorie Sport tracker fitness app can also be useful in half marathon training , hiking , running , backpacking and in other outdoor activities.

* We do not use altitude (due to its extreme inaccuracy) in calorie count.
From version Running Fitness & Calorie Sport tracker 4.5:

Improved functionality
Bug fixes

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