Runnea academy is the training platform for running, designed for athletes who want to receive high quality personal training each week.

Our objective is that you train in a safe and controlled way, constantly moving forward. The app is ideal for runners of all levels, from beginners to seasoned runners who want to receive professional training.

It is also perfect for runners who are just starting to run or are working towards an athletic goal for the first time and want to do things the right way. You can rest assured that your training will be safe, guided by professional advice.

Our Training Plans

Begin running for the first time

A training plan to begin running from ground zero, tailored for people who want to start running for the first time in a fully guided way. It includes sessions that are less demanding, so that you can become oriented with technical running exercises to begin your running journey.

Training from home

A program for indoor training with sessions prepared and adapted for small spaces so that you can stay in shape from home. A training pack to do at home that adapts to your physical form and allows you to stay active when you can't, or don’t want to, leave your home.

Weight loss training

If you are worried about your physical form and are looking for a weight loss training plan, this is the program for you. The nutritional guidelines, also available with all the other plans, are focused on offering a healthy and balanced diet to reach your goal.

Training for a 5k/ 10k

Training plans focused on running with an adequate progression to better your physical state, and running skills, to reach your 5/10k goal.

Training for a marathon/half marathon

Training plan focused on running with an adequate progression to better your physical state, and running skills, to reach your half marathon or marathon goals.

Trail training

Dedicated to those who love the mountains. With the trail training plan you can prepare mountain races up to 50km in length and a positive incline of 2.00 meters. The plan consists of important requirements to prepare you for the effort it takes to run in the mountains.

Nutritional plan

Available to complement any of the plans or as a particular goal. The plan consists of individualized nutritional advice that supports an adequate food base to reach your goals. Also, you can choose what type of diet (vegan, vegetarian, ovo lactea…) and indicate your allergies and foods to discard in your recipes.
From version Runnea: running training 3.7.0:

We have changed the entire profile for a much more modern and intuitive one !!!
We also have news in the training plans and we can modify the rest days in the current training week.

Runmeter GPS - Running, Cycling, Walking, Jogging

Runmeter is the most advanced app for runners, cyclists, and exercise walkers.

Ripit - HIIT Interval Training

App for intense workouts with Reps (distance intervals) or HIIT (time intervals)

Half Marathon Training Coach

Train to run 21K/13 miles with our Half Marathon Training: 21K Great for cardio!

iRunner Run Tracking & Heart Rate Training

Running, Jogging, Walking & Heart Rate Monitor Training. GPS, mapping & more!

Running Fitness & Calorie Sport tracker

Easy to use run tracker - track your calories and distance to stay fit & healthy

Formyfit - Your virtual running coach

Assess your fitness level & Generate 100% individualized training plans

Myles: Virtual Run, Bike & Walk Fitness Challenges

Take on solo / group challenges and track your virtual location across the world

Pace Control - running pacer

Keep your running pace under control. Your reliable personal pacemaker.

RunPlan: Training Plans | Couch to 5k to Marathon

Running training plans for Couch to 5k, 5k, 10k, half marathon and marathon

viRACE - Virtual Running And Virtual Challenges

Virtual running and other challenges. Timekeeping and tracking in the app

RunGo - Audio-Guided Running Routes

RunGo is the running app that gives directions.

RunMotion Coach - Running

Adaptive training plan for 5k, 10k, marathon, wellness and more running goals

42Race Running & Fitness Club

Running and workout app for your fitness lifestyle

Start Run BeStronger

Begin to run today!

TrainAsONE: AI Running App, training plans & coach

Advanced adaptive personal AI running plans. Couch to 5k, to ultra marathon.

Trenara Running App - training plans & coaching

Advanced adaptive personal running plans. From couch to 5k, to ultra marathon.

Bike2PEAK Cycling Training Plan

Dynamic and indivdual training plan for cycling

10K Run - Couch to 10K Race GPS Coach & Log

Improve your stamina, endurance, and health for a 10K run!

Vitesse Running App: Workouts, Tracker & Coaching

Run with 200+ workouts created by Olympic runners and coaches.

running.COACH - training plan

Training system developed by marathon record holder Paula Radcliffe