A pack with 5 unique watch-faces.

Roto 360

A beautiful rotating dial watch face for your smart watch.

Roto 360 is an elegant watchface with a uniquely-designed mechanism. It doesn't have the limitations of an analog watch, nor the plainness of a digital dial. Roto 360, in fact, merges the distinctness of them both and gives you this smart watchface. It has a central turning dial which is skirted by a pointer that rotates in reverse, aligning the hour and minute indicators.

With these features, Roto 360 still maintains the classic look of an analog watch.


The motion of our planet along its orbit and around the sun brings time to pass in our realities. We were quite intrigued by this fact and decided to recreate this idea in our next watchface.

Radii takes inspiration from the dynamics of a planetary system and simulates its workings onto a digital timepiece. The centre—our star—indicates the hour while a sphere carrying the minute rotates around it along its striped orbit. You will also see a tiny moon gliding around this sphere in sync with each stroke of the second hand.

What’s more? The watchface also has a scale that displays your battery life and a crescent that shows the day.

Time Tuner

At a time when radios have almost disappeared, this new watchface adds a pinch of nostalgia to your digital experience.

The Time Tuner is an innovative watchface that is modelled after a classic tuning dial of an analog radio. A single needle remains fixed to a spot, marking the passing numbers behind it. Two trails carrying hours and minutes move at measured speeds behind the needle and align themselves to reflect time. Time Tuner’s perfectly minimal design and classy look is just the thing for your smartwatch.


An hour glass brings a sense of urgency. Sand trickling down slowly is hard to avoid. We tried to bring the same to a digital surface.

We were constantly on the lookout for new and unique ideas that would keep this project alive. Our goal was to move away from familiar ways of displaying time and formulate something entirely different. That’s when the possibility of viewing time on a meter struck us, and we created the watchface, Tymometer for your smartwatch.

Tymometer indicates time as simply as a digital watch would but it gives your smartwatch a great look with the hour-to-hour scale that runs along the centre. The minutes are distinguishable through a contrasting shade that deftly sweeps across the watchface and takes over at the end of an hour. These features make reading time at a swoop incredibly easy and give your device a striking look.

Roto Gears

A Beautiful Rotating Gears watch face for Android Wear Devices.

It is no secret that gears are the concealed mechanical elements in a watch that give the needles their different and precise speeds of rotation. They work in a rhythmic unison that is fascinating to see. So we came up with the idea of doing away with the standard anterior of a dial and bringing the gears forward.

Roto Gears is a simple watchface that mimics the inner mechanical design of a watch on its surface. This idea is an extension of our product, Roto 360’s design. Instead of giving the dial a single pivot as we did in Roto 360, we displaced the hour and minute dials, making them wheel close to each other like two rotating gears. The dot at the centre works as the single indicator of time.
From version Roto Rally - 5 in 1 Watch Face Pack for Wear OS Varies with device:

Fixed a bug in the date complication where some users were stuck in the past.

Pilot One Watch Face

The best Pilot Watchface with high visibility display.

Solid Watch Face

Minimal analog watch face with customizable complications.

Marine Commander Watch Face for WearOS

Interactive watch face for WearOS by Google watches

Carbon Gears HD Watch Face

Core Face HD Watch Face

Material Shadow HD Watch Face

Mechani-Gears HD Watch Face

SwissClock Watch Face

Swiss icon and modern minimalism with a contemporary design.

Roto 360 Watch Face for Android Wear OS

A Beautiful Rotating Dial Watchface for Android Wear. Customizable colors.

Zodiac Watch for Android Wear - Wear OS by Google

Time Tuner Watch Face for Android Wear

A classic Tuner Radio style watch face for Android Wear devices. 8 Color Themes

Delta Watch Face

Watch face with modern analog and digital design

Weareal. Realistic Watch Faces

Animated Wear OS watch face collection with realistic look and feel

Pixels Watch Face

A beautiful geek, retro and animated watch face for Android Wear!

Radii Watch Face for Android Wear OS

Designed based on the dynamics of a planetary system

Wear Chronograph Watch Face

Analog Chronograph with 4 cutomizable complications for your Wear OS Watch

Cluster Watch Face

Modern futuristic watch face, fully supported for Android Wear 2.0

Digitec Watch Face

Highly customizable digital watch face with Google FIT integration

Fury Watch Face

Mixed elegant and digital watch face is fully supported for Android Wear 2.0

RoverOne Watch Face

Watch face with analog and digital complications for Wear OS 2.0