Android app for intense workouts that combines high intensity intervals, with slow recovery phases, repeated during one exercise session.

Types of training methods:
1 - Repetitions (intervals with distance): you can set the intervals indicating for each one of them, the distance and the intensity.
2 - Interval training (intervals with time): you can set the intervals indicating for each one of them, the time and the intensity.
3 - Free workout.

During training, a timer will show the remaining time to the end of the interval and voice directions will be provided on the next one.

At the end of workout, you can assess your performance through the summary of the data which will show: total time, distance traveled, average speed, average pace and calories.

For each interval it will show distance, duration, speed and pace. You can analyze your performance on the charts of the speed and pace and you can see your path on the map.

Ideal for a workout in: running, cycling, HIIT, spinning, fitness, box, tabata, etc..

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From version Ripit - HIIT Interval Training 2.1.1:

- Bug in the results,present on some devices, has been fixed

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