The best Reverse Music Player, now with updated UI and new functionalities.
If you like the effect of your modifications then save it to file on your device.

★ Play reverse music / sound in audio formats: wav/mp3/ogg/flac/mp4/acc and more.
★ Change Tempo of your reverse track in range 4x slower to 4x faster.
★ Set Pitch Octaves Change between -1 and +1.
★ Save / Export reverse & modified track to: mp4/aac/wav
★ Tempo & Pitch may be changed in any moment.
★ 2 modes of changing Tempo & Pitch - slider (fast) / pad (accurate).
★ Equalizer
★ Loop Range
★ Optimization modes for content type - Music / Speech

To play modified track just select your track from music library or by browsing your device.

Supported formats: wav/mp3/ogg/flac/acc/mp4 and more.

When you select track, the app is going to prepare sound data for enabling reverse playing (It usually takes few seconds for normal-length track on new & fast devices). It does NOT change your original files.

Tracks that can fit into memory do not require free storage to work. However bigger tracks may require temporary space for uncompressed tracks on your device. Usually you don't have to worry about this.

If you want to have more fun you can change tempo or pitch of your music track.
"Tempo" describes how fast sound will be played, 100% is original/non-changed tempo, 50% is 2x slower, 200% is 2x faster. Range is: 25% - 400% .
"Pitch" describes how pitch will be changed with difference represented as -24.0 .. +24.0 semitones, 0.00 is original/non-changed pitch.
These values may be adjusted by slider or by clicking button near them and setting accurate value.

You may also save your reverse music into file.
Supported formats for export / saving: wav/acc/mp4 (various BPS).

Please note that most of operations are cpu-intensive and for good results you need a performant device. Usage of multiple features at once (like tempo change + reverse play) increase hardware requirements.

More technical info:
Supported stream format: 8/16/24 bit encoding, 1-8 channels, 8000 / 11025 / 16000 / 22050 / 44100 / 48000 Hz sample rate. Used sample rate has to be supported by device, 8 bit encoding is extended to 16 bit encoding so device has to support 16 bit.

✓ App uses permissions for writing on SD card to enable exporting tracks.
✓ Other permissions like "Internet" are used by advertising services.

May be easily ignored if you don't want to support this app.

Please consider rating app if you find it useful, it really helps, thank you.

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