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GoProbe makes using your Renishaw machine tool probe simple, with quick and easy-to-use single-line commands.
The GoProbe app conveniently produces these single-line commands on your smartphone. Simply select the probing cycle you need from the menu, complete the input data fields and the app will generate the single-line command for that cycle, ready for you to key into the machine.

The GoProbe app also includes animations and videos of each probing cycle for visual reference.

This app is intended as a reference tool and should be used in conjunction with the GoProbe training kit. This app should only be used with Renishaw software packages which support the use of GoProbe cycles. Refer to for full details.

A minimum screen resolution of 800 x 480 is recommended for this app.
From version Renishaw GoProbe 4.2.1:

Choice of Makino (Singapore) or Makino (Renishaw standard) programs number range.
Support for additional control types
Minor improvements


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