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Learn Quran Majeed - Learn to read Quran & Noorani Qaida with Arabic Learning App

Join a #1 fast-growing Arabic learning and Al Quran (القران الكريم) community and Learn Quran with Quran IQ. This Quran Kareem (القران الكريم) app suitable for both beginners and well-versed disciples - Download this Quran Majeed and enter the gateway to learn Arabic and learn Quran (القران الكريم).

The easiest way to learn Arabic is with Al Quran (القران الكريم). It helps you to learn Arabic and the Quran Majeed with this quick Arabic learning app. If you've ever felt that learning Arabic and the Quran Majeed is difficult and hard to memorize, look no further! Al Quran English (القران الكريم) and Arabic learning app is the fastest and easiest key to solve your issues related to learn Arabic and Al Quran English (القران الكريم). This Quran IQ app is designed to make the Arabic & Quran Majed learning process easier, faster with numerous information.

Learn Arabic, pronounce, and understand Al Quran (القران الكريم) with Quran IQ, the ultimate Arabic learning app and free Quran Majeed that helps you learn the words of the Holy Quran Majeed and the Arabic Learning.

The Al Quran English (القران الكريم) Arabic learning app provides you various features that help to read, understand and learn Quran with accurate pronunciation and also help to memorize Arabic by listening or watching. Al Quran Kareem (القران الكريم) is not only an Arabic learning app but also for those who want to learn Arabic and the Quran Majeed.

Learn Quran Majeed with lessons taught through visual and audio aids, quizzes, and a companion YouTube video series in the Quran Majeed Arabic Learning app. Quran IQ makes the Arabic learning easy to read Quran Kareem (قران الكريم) fluently, with simple words, phrases, and meanings from the Holy Quran Majeed aiding in learning and memorization.


Learn Arabic From the Al Quran Kareem (Quran Learning App)

- Learning Quran is easy, with thousands of questions to help you learn the fundamentals of Islam
- Arabic Learning, memorize Quran and study Muslim prayer with the aid of thousands of fully interactive lessons
- Memorize and Learn Arabic pronunciation and vocabulary through fun memorization activities
- Learn Quran IQ with your friends and compete with one another on the weekly leaderboards, or form online study groups

Learn to Read Arabic at Your Own Pace In Al Quran Kareem (القران الكريم)

- Learn Quran Majeed through Arabic Learning & the translation of words and phrases (Beginner Mode) or by attaining deeper meaning through those words and phrases (Advanced Mode) with the Arabic Learning app
- Memorize Holy Quran Majeed passages by setting goals and challenges to remind yourself daily

Study Guide to Continue Your Arabic Learning

- Learn Arabic through video with “Quran IQ” YouTube Videos
- Learn Quran Majeed (قران الكريم) Offline Mode (Premium feature)
- Surah Progress tracker - Check your work as you go along.
- Audio/Video Library - a central location for our Arabic learning grammar series and audio summaries.
- Learning Quran English has included Root word testing questions - Good for advanced Quran Pro Students.

Bite-sized lessons help you to learn Arabic & learn Quran Majeed, in short, focused sessions. If you are worried by offering your prayers and reading the Quran Kareem without understanding Arabic, look no you are in the right place. Quran IQ app has been designed to ease Al Quran English (القران الكريم) memorization and Arabic Learning to learn Quran with the concept of repeatedly playing the single Ayat or range of ayahs until you recall.

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