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Figure out your flow. Worry less. Do more. Backed by science and driven by fun, the Blood period tracker app gets to know you and your body on a deeper level – giving you opportunities to personalise your own period journey, and providing support at every step of your cycle. With a combination of intelligent menstrual cycle tracking, period predictions, health insights, and highly-customisable avatars that reflect your every mood, Blood does more than just track your periods – it’s designed to help you understand your cycle like never before.

Track your period length, flow intensity, and symptoms, and view your predicted periods and ovulation dates for months in advance. Using machine learning artificial intelligence, our predictions get better over time. The more you log, the more accurate your predictions! Sync your life with your cycle – whether you’re planning for a big date, a sunny getaway, or an important presentation, being able to view future periods will help you know what’s coming.

Let your inner self shine through with highly-customisable Blood avatars that reflect your every mood. Switch up looks or show how you’re feeling today. Make this period journey truly yours!
Keep tabs on your symptoms such as cramps, bloating, aches, fatigue and insomnia so that you can observe trends and gain overall insights on your health.

Your menstrual cycle is made up of more than just PMS and your period. It comes with its own ups and downs according to your hormonal changes – we’re here to help you make sense of everything! The Blood app quickly gets to know all about you, and provides personalised daily tips that go with your flow and guide you on how to benefit from each menstrual phase. Enjoy insights on your mood, energy levels and more so that you can stay informed and take control of your cycle!

Set up and receive reminders for what’s important to you! Want a heads up on your period, fertility or ovulation day? No problem! You even get to add your own personal touch to your reminder message! Keep it secret, include an inside joke, or show some self-love – go ahead and toss in some fun of your own!

Your period predictions can be synced with third-party calendars (such as Google Calendar or iCal) with just one tap for an overview of what your schedule holds – and how your period may come into the picture! No more switching between apps and struggling to keep track of things. With this integration, you can easily get a glimpse of your flow together with other events so that you can plan your holidays, dates and other activities – worry-free!

Taking a user-first approach, we’ve given our app a brand new refresh! There’s so much to discover about your cycle and health – this exciting interface makes tracking your period, viewing countdowns, checking on fertility, and getting support a fuss-free and fun experience that you’ll want to keep coming back for.
From version Blood: Period & Cycle Tracker 3.4.19:

+ Bug fixes and performance improvements

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