From version PixEz flutter(Pixiv第三方) 0.7.6 Rosetta:

-支持Android 12 open by default,app内打开原生设置配置支持的链接

PixShaft (Pixiv第三方)

Pixiv third-party client, support direct connection in mainland China


Mujisou, using artificial intelligence AI technology, BT search, magnetic search, seed search tools

GoFly VPN,Free VPN,ShadowSocks,V2ray,Trojan,Vmess

Video 1080P is our basic operation, 4K HD is our goal.

Pixiv for Muzei 3

Pixiv plugin for new Muzei 3 API

闪电回国Pro - 海外党回国免费vpn加速器,华人音乐游戏视频必备应用,网易云哔哩哔哩爱奇艺优酷

Lightning Homecoming Pro is an accelerator designed for overseas Chinese, overseas students, and overseas business trip user groups to overcome the wall and return to China. One-click speed up the return to the country without barriers, free access to domestic resources, listening to music, watching movies and TV shows, watching live broadcasts, playing online games, saying goodbye to delays and stuttering

Galaxy VPN Lite: Data Security Unlimited time

Lite app Free VPN Secure Unlimited time & traffic strong security

Kono Magazine

Subscribe Kono for the first time, you can get 14-Days Free Trial!



Mayi VPN - Fast & Secure VPN

Access the anonymous, secure and fast internet with just one tap


Communities for cosplayers, anime lovers, knitters, gay, second lifers and etc.


The driver browser integrates the advantages of all browsers, eliminates inconveniences, and adds useful tools.


Mass light novels and comics are updated every day

Wang VPN - Fast Secure VPN

Hi I am Wang who wants to help you protect your privacy. Love you.

Wang VPN Lite - Fresh Simple

The WangVPN Lite version. Using simple style different from the original.

Readings Viewer

Improving your reading experience

National Gay Alliance客户端开源版

一个供应广大态君的论坛优质开源版客户端,支持手机和平板,修复了片总原版漏洞并添加大量新功能。本应用语言为中文(Simplified Chinese APP)。


A booru client for Android with Muzei


Light novel library Wenku8 third-party reader-permanent no ads, unprofitable light novel reader.

小火箭VPN网络加速器 —— 你的安卓科学上网好帮手

No need to register, one-click connection, simple to use, free forever VPN, to protect your network anonymity and security

巴哈姆特 - 華人最大遊戲及動漫社群網站

Feel free to browse Bahamut video animation community site that provides the latest and most accurate daily gaming, comics information.