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PixEye is a complete diagnosis of the screen and sound of your smartphone, tablet, monitor or TV. In addition, Pixeye is able to repair the screen of your device.

- Check on all devices!
Diagnosis is possible on a smartphone, tablet, monitor and TV. Diagnostics can be run both on your device and on another person’s device (third-party software is required)

 - Screen without defects
 In the PixEye application, a complete set of tests is available to determine the factory defect of the screen, poor-quality display or damaged display.
- Real sound
Determine the correct sound balance. Feel the surround sound capabilities of your device. Find out how strong your speaker is at low frequencies!

- Simple and convenient calculator
The application has a built-in calculator function. You don’t need to calculate anything yourself! No more need to search for formulas! Just drive in the necessary data and get the result by pressing just one button! The built-in simple and clear explanation will make you an Expert in these estimates and the meaning in them!

- Do it yourself!
Is there a problem with the screen? Are there dots on the screen? Try to repair damaged areas yourself!

Stay tuned! The following versions will give you more convenience and features!
From version PixEye - Testing and repairing the device 1.1.0:

Global Update 1.1.0
I. Completely updated application design;
II. Added a new function "Calculator";
    a) 7 calculators;
    b) Help for each calculator;
III. The items "Smartphone" and "TV" are combined into one item "Screen";
IV. Added new screen flicker testing;
V. Added new surround sound testing;
VI. Help item has been updated. Clarifications added for new paragraphs of the application;
VII. Small bugs fixed.

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