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PhyWiz solves your physics homework for you.

Get step by step solutions for questions in over 30 physics topics like Kinematics, Forces, Gravity, Quantum Physics and many more. Ask PhyWiz a question like "if mass is 6 and velocity is 7, what is momentum?" and get your answer immediately.

Key features:
► Solve any physics question quickly
► Over 100 equations at your fingertips
► Practice with more than 300 free physics questions
► Ask PhyWiz a question and get an answer instantly

The supported topics in this version are: Alternating Currents, Blackbody Radiation, Capacitance, Circular Motion, Diffraction Grating, Double-Slit Experiment, Dynamics, Efficiency, Elasticity, Electric Field, Electricity, Electromagnetism, Energy, Friction, Gases, Gravitation, Hydrostatics, Kinematics, Lenses, Mass-Energy Equivalence, Nuclear Decay, Optics, Orbits, Parabolic Motion, Photoelectric Effect, Power, Quantum Physics, Quantum Tunelling, Relativity, Simple Harmonic Motion, Thermal Physics, Transformers, Uncertainty Principle, Vectors, Waves.
From version PhyWiz - Physics Solver Varies with device:

► Added Persian language

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