"The help with Physics" - is an interactive reference book of terms, formulas and tables on the school program for 7–11 classes. You will find the theory, terms, formulas in the reference book. Interactive tables and calculators will be a bonus.
Install the application, and you will be able will be prepared examination and to the Olympic Games on Physics. Be engaged from the mobile phone or the tablet, without connection to the Internet!

We collected for you:
• Convenient navigation in the application
• 280+ terms, words or phrases which are limitative designations characteristic of this term
• 250+ formulas according to the main sections of Physics
• Tens of the most interesting tables, with tables we try to obtain: Informal assimilation of a subject, Conscious work with educational literature, Self-contained elimination of gaps in the knowledge
• 180+ calculators which will be useful to you at each lesson with their help you will solve any example, the equation or a task
• Internal search in terms and formulas

"The help with Physics" will help you:
1. To be prepared for a lesson at any time to examinations and the Olympic Games;
2. To deepen the knowledge in a favourite subject;
3. To learn formulas on Physics
4. To understand and remember new terms and their values
5. To remember or find the necessary formula
6. To solve any problem with our calculators

Prepare for examinations and the Olympic Games by means of the mobile. Now at your order there is a new tool which not once will help and will help out you on control, at practical work or in time preparation for the next examination.

Write the impressions and wishes to the address: [email protected], and we surely will consider them!
From version Physics - Calculators[PRO] 0.2.0:

- Great app update
- Fixed critical errors
- Listened to the application
- Fixed minor bugs in formulas
- Updated table design
- Improved calculators, now they have become smarter and more functional
- Many other changes in this update
The application was written from scratch and our team did a great job. We will be very pleased if you rate our work by leaving a review in Google Play

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