This app requests, prepares and presents data directly from your supported Fronius inverter.

No registration, no login! Install the app and get started.

The app works independently of the solar.web. The data is retrieved directly from your inverter. A connection to the same network as your inverter is required.

- Easy to use setup wizard
- Real time data about current power sources (Photovoltaic, Grid and Battery pack)
- Real time data about your energy use (Own consumption, Grid feed, Battery charge and Ohmpilot)
- Many details for inverter, meter, storage and datalogger are provided
- History power generation statics (Today, Year, All-time)
- Customizable visualization
- Live chart of real time production, consumption, Grid feed and Grid purchases
- Day chart to analyze production of any day in history
- Auto update function
- Supports multiple inverters
- Optional full screen mode for smaller displays
- Supports Android 4+
- Completely free

Supported models:
- Fronius Galvo (Fully compatible)
- Fronius Symo (Fully compatible)
- Fronius Symo Hybrid (Fully compatible)
- Fronius Primo (Fully compatible)
- Fronius Eco (Fully compatible)
- Fronius GEN24 (Some functions are not available)
A software update may be necessary to use all functions.

Improvement suggestions are welcome. The app can also be translated into your language. If you are interested, please contact me at [email protected]
From version Photovoltaic Monitor

- Dark mode (Android 9+)
- UI improvements

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