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Chemistry is the science of the chemical elements, their compounds, and the transformations that result from chemical reactions.
It studies what substances make up an object; why and how iron rusts and why tin does not rust; what happens to food in the body; why a solution of salt conducts an electric current while a solution of sugar does not; why some chemical changes occur quickly while others occur slowly.
How chemical plants turn coal, oil, ores, water, and air oxygen into detergents and dyes, plastics and polymers, drugs and metal alloys, fertilizers, herbicides, and insecticides.

Mendeleev Table - an application that will help you dive into a huge and fascinating world of chemistry.
It contains a lot of information that will be useful to you, even if you do not study chemistry.
The app defaults to the IUPAC long periodic table, but you can switch at any time to the short table, which has 8 groups.
Did you know that Hydrogen has a density of 0.0000899 grams/cm³?
That Antimony has an atomic radius of 133pm and the electronegativity of Germany is 2.01.
Tellurium has a boiling point of - 990°C, Aluminum has a boiling point of 2518.82°C

Give the answers to these questions: What is the atomic mass of - Samarium and Polonium?
What is the melting point of Rubidium, what is the RTEC and CAS number assigned to it?
In what year and by whom were Bromium, Gold, Sulfur and Livermorium discovered?
What does Bismuth, Molybdenum, Indium, or Argon look like?
You can find the answers to these and hundreds of other questions in the app - Mendeleev Table 2020.

Benefits of PRO version:
- More interactive tables
- Molecular Mass Calculator
- Access to over 3000 isotopes
- Dictionary of Chemistry terms
- More Information on the Elements
- Radioactivity
- Half-life
- Conductivity
- Electrical type
- Magnetic type
- Electron spectroscopy
- Magnetic spectroscopy
- Temperature superconductivity
- Refractive index
- Thermal conductivity
- Electronegativity
- Bulk modulus of elasticity
- Half-life
- Molar Volume
and much more

To learn more about an element, you simply download the app, click on the element and you will be shown a huge amount of interesting and fascinating information about it.
- Over 380000 reviews
- For most of the chemical elements there is an image
- Wikipedia links for more information about the element
- Solubility Table.
- Powerful search, to find the chemical element you're looking for
- Regular updates with new information
- Sort by family, selected families will be shown in search results and highlighted in the main application table
... much more in the Mendeleev Table 2020 app!

iOS version in the App Store:
Frequently Asked Questions:

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From version Periodic Table 2021 PRO - Chemistry 0.2.118:

- Improved application stability
- Improved drawing table
- More detailed radiation spectrum
- Improved item reading screen
The app gets better with every update, if please take a minute to leave a review)

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