Ovulation calculator & fertility tracker is a free birth control app. Menstruation tracker is your friend to get pregnant fast. But periods tracker also helps to not get pregnant. The application has the best menstruation and ovulation calendar among family planning premium apps. Conceiving a baby and getting pregnant is easy when you can predict ovulation day and the most fertile days. Tired trying to conceive? Reach pregnancy faster with our period and ovulation tracker. The application works offline and is also helpful for men with tracking menses of the girls.

How to use the application:

To generate your ovulation calendar you should provide the following details:

- Date of the last period (on the main screen).
- Average length of the menstrual cycle (on the Settings screen).
- Length of the luteal phase (on the Settings screen or use the default value).

The application works best for women with regular menstrual cycle.
From version Period Tracker for Women 3.3:

Initial release of the application.

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