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Easily track your Menstrual Period, Fertile Period, Ovulation, best days to start a pregnancy with the Menstrual Cycle Calendar App.

★ Track irregular cycles and periods and get the right forecasts for your Menstrual period.

★ Get alerts about your period as well as your fertile days / ovulation and risk of pregnancy

★ Create custom themes using photos from your device, or use the 16 themes we created especially for you.

★ In the option "Current Menstrual Cycle", see in a personalized view the information of your Cycle and the indicator of the remaining days of each phase.

★ In the "Timeline" option, keep track of the data you registered, such as your moods, symptoms, notes and the intensity of your flow in the timeline format and never get lost.

★ Create backups of your data in the cloud and always be safe. If you change devices or need to reinstall the App, your information can be easily restored.

★ Create a password to block access to the App and keep your privacy.

★ Choose between 93 symptoms and 64 moods.

★ Customize the duration of your Cycle and your Fertile Period.

★ Hide the phases of the cycle that you don't want to see and make the Calendar look cleaner.

★ See the indicator with the numbering for each day of the cycle.

Download, Install and better control your Menstrual Cycle.
From version Period Calendar Tracker 2.0.6:

- Improvements and corrections.

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