PasswdSafe is a port of the Password Safe ( application to Android. Password files can be synced from cloud services using the companion PasswdSafe Sync app. YubiKey NEO tokens are supported for two-factor authentication. File passwords can be saved on devices with a fingerprint scanner and Android 6.0 or higher.

***Please maintain a known-good backup in case bugs exist***
From version PasswdSafe - Password Safe Varies with device:

Fix recent files disappearing. Allow hyphen and underscore in new file names. Make an extra call to attempt to clear a password from the clipboard. Fixup password history for invalid dates in the future.

Cyclonis Password Manager

Manage your passwords in a personal vault, encrypted with AES-256 bit.

One Key: password manager

Completely offline, Ad free, Fingerprint and Backup capable password manager

Password Saver - simple and secure

This app stores your passwords.

PasswdSafe Sync

PasswdSafe Sync accesses PasswdSafe files stored in cloud services

KPass: password manager

Simple and fresh KeePass KDBX client.

oneSafe | password manager

oneSafe secures all your confidential info, it's Fort Knox in your pocket!

ManageEngine Password Manager Pro

A complete privileged account management and security solution for enterprises

Notes Safe Pro

The notes are safe with Notes Safe.You can use as notebook and to keep safe note

Password Safe - Secure Password Manager

Offline password manager to securely store passwords, logins and more. 🛡️

Password Generator - UltraPass

Generate secure and strong random passwords

Sticky Password Manager & Safe

Sticky Password is a powerful yet simple password manager and digital vault.

SealNote Secure Encrypted Note

Safe, secure and simple notepad application with password protection.

Universal Password Manager

UPM is a cross platform password manager for storing sensitive information

AuthPass – Keepass compatible Password Manager

Keep your passwords and accounts secure across all platforms and devices.

PassKeep - Password Manager

100% free and simple password manager for safe keeping of all your passwords.

Keepass2Android Password Safe

Keepass2Android is a password manager compatible with KeePass

Keepass2Android Offline

Keepass2Android Offline is a variant of Keepass2Android for local files only

PassK - Password Manager

Store your passwords safely with PassK

Codebook Password Manager

Password Manager & Data Vault

SafeBox password manager

SafeBox password manager, the best way to manage your private data