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Screenshot is a health assistance app for doctors and parents, this app is also useful for exam preparation and contains useful information on drug dosages and useful medical calculators for parents and doctors!


1 - Nurse Child Care - we have added a section specifically for nurses to help in child care. Simple articles from child handling to procedures are described. Also, make use of the nurse calculator

2 - Daily questions for medical students to keep them updated. Daily a new set of questions from all areas of paediatrics.

3 - Drug Dose calculator- A newer version making it easy and overall a better experience.

4 -Emergency calculator (WETFLAG) for medical professionals. Very helpful in the Emergency Department.

5- Parents section- a wider selection of simplified articles to help you understand your little ones and has up to date parenting tips and advice.

This app is perfect for doctors, nurses, parents who need instant access to information on child health

This app aims at making the child carers life easier. From articles, guidance, calculators, graphs, immunisations programmes are instantly accessible. Never worry about the right paediatric dose or medical investigation pathways ever again!

Indispensable Features for Doctors
Neonatal resuscitation calculator
Apgar calculators
Drug dose calculator
Graphs and charts
Immunization schedule
Daily medical quiz
Emergency calculator (WETFLAG)

Medical Learning Resources & Features for Nurses
Common medical calculators used daily:
Endotracheal Tube (ET) Calculator,
Mass Body Index and body surface area calculator

Informative articles

Features for Parents
Articles for child care. Common questions answered.

Paediatricks aims to assist paediatricians with Standard protocols for management of emergency paediatric conditions
Crucial points of significance relevant to medical condition
Investigation pathways and emergency management techniques
Prognosis and follow up recommendations
Diagnostic criteria and investigation with proven management opinions
Information articles to investigate a wide range of paediatric medical conditions

Parents can breathe a little easier by looking up our easy to understand and extensive database of articles on managing several common paediatric ailments ranging from common allergies to more complicated condition like heart problems.

Features aimed at parents include
Children's medical condition described in simple terms
Home management tips for various medical conditions
Danger signs and indicators which require immediate medical attention
Immunisation information
Developmental milestones to help track normal child growth

Paediatricks is the brainchild of a highly experienced paediatrician currently practising in the UK. This app is free. Our aim is to empower medical staff, parents worldwide with the right information, thereby ensuring timely treatment for your little ones!

Visit us on the web at We update our website constantly with the latest childcare, blogs, videos and more!

This app intends to be a resource for reference and to help a paediatrician or parent swiftly determine the best courses of action. We have taken utmost care to ensure that information contained here is accurate. However, paediatricks does not take any responsibility for any adverse consequences resulting from using the app for medical treatment and diagnosis.
From version Paediatric emergency/dose/calculator/protocol/NICU Varies with device:

Bug fixes
App user interface enhancements
Articles visibility

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