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A simple and safe offline password manager that enables you to store all your passwords encrypted at one place on your device. Best Password Manager!

Primary Features:
■ Access all encrypted data with a single MASTER PASSWORD
■ NO INTERNET ACCESS of any sort required
■ Strongest Encryption using AES-256 bit algorithm
■ Custom categories and custom fields
■ Completely AD-FREE
■ Auto-fill all passwords
■ Export/Import CSV feature
■ Backup/Restore capable
■ Dark theme

All Features:
■ Virtual cards generation based on information
■ Store Credit Card details, Website logins, e-Banking logins and other details
■ Recycle bin to restore or permanently erase all deleted passwords
■ Custom categories and custom fields
■ Backup and Restore capable
■ Block Screenshots
■ Different colored card types for convenience
■ Beautiful animations and Dark theme
■ Passwords are stored using strong AES-256 encryption
■ Easy Search and Sort
■ Password Strength indicator to help you choose strong passwords
■ AUTO-LOCK on screen turn off
■ Password Generator Feature lets you create strong passwords
■ Ad-Free

Permissions explained:
■ Run at startup - To enable auto-backup on device restart
■ Storage - To securely store all passwords on your device
■ Google play license check - For in-app purchases
From version One Key: password manager 5.0.5:

- [FIX] Fingerprint crash issue on Android 7 and 8.1 devices
- [FIX] Autofill service crash issue 8 devices
- [FIX] Password field

- Brand new redesigned UI
- New multi-selection mode
- New card categories
- Assign custom icon to passwords

- [PRO] New card category icons and colors
- [PRO] Archive feature
- [PRO] Self destruction
- [PRO] Image attachments

Please email us at [email protected] if you face any issues after the update. We will work with you to resolve any issues. Thanks.

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