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Notes Safe Pro app is used to keep your password or important note or encrypted notes. You can use this app as safe notes, safe notepad or locked notepad. This app provide 256-bit AES encryption of database files and backup-restore process. When you open this app you must first enter your password and security question-answer.
Then you can add secret notes. No Add this app. You can enter with your fingerprint in notes safe pro app.However you can search notes,backup database,restore database. You can color your notes and sort them by color. You can use notes safe pro as Notebook, safe note, Encrypted Notepad, Safe Notepad, Locked Notepad. However you can use it Safe Notes, Shopping list, Shopping notes. If you want you can use as Work list,Work notes, Lecture notes. Color notes provide you convenience.
Notes safe is now more powerful with password generator. No more thinking about passwords! Let Notes safe generate your passwords for you.
"For your data security, we keep your passwords encrypted on your phone. We are not responsible for forgetting your password or security issue. Thank you for your understanding."
From version Notes Safe Pro 2.1.1:

Notes can now be shared as PDFs.

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