NOISETUBE for Google Cardboard is currently no longer in active development. Thanks to everyone to gave feedback and reported bugs. By downloading you should probably acknowledge this is ‘AS-IS’ and may or may not work on your device.

NOISETUBE is coming to PC VR. To keep posted on any future developments, subscribe to the NOISETUBE newsletter @

NOISETUBE is a virtual reality & music visual experiment. Feed it a song, space out, and be whisked away into a unique geometric journey.

The basic emotion that inspired this was wanting to be barreling through space at an appropriate speed based on the intensity of the song I was listening to. Maybe you've encountered this feeling in real life while driving down the highway or riding a bike and the song you're listening to somehow just feels like the right pace.

NOISETUBE is powered by feeding it a music file and it generates an ever expanding tunnel for you to be shot through in space. Currently supports MP3 with plans to add more formats.
From version NoiseTube VR Music Visualizer .41:

Lots of fixes to the music directory add/scan screen:
- should now prevent songs from appearing duplicate times
- fixed some soft lock bugs where you could get stuck navigating in a folder
- music files now appear when browsing folder to hopefully make the process a little clearer
- bug fixes to adding/removing media directories

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