No Excuses! The Power of Self-Discipline by Brian Tracy.The book offers 21 ways to achieve self-discipline in all aspects of life, which will improve in the following three main areas: personal success, money, business, sales, and personal life. Through self-mastery and self-control, one can develop more personality, pride, accomplishment, and self-image. One way to achieve self-discipline:

1. Success: Imagine the ideal life you want to live. When you define what success means to you at the work, family, health and money levels, you'll immediately be able to determine what you need to achieve to achieve the ideal life.

2. Personality: The hallmark of personality is integrity. Honesty requires a lot of self-discipline to resist temptation and make good decisions. The real personality of one appears during crises or when one is under pressure. One can develop his character through study, teaching and practice.

3. Responsibility: Negative emotions stem from anger and rely on a human tendency to blame others, which is the easy way to justify failure. Accepting responsibility for self-success and achieving personal happiness requires a lot of effort and self-discipline.

4. Objectives: Set your goals and set a path to achieve your ideal life. Follow this method to achieve your goals: Select what you want to achieve, write it down on paper, and set a deadline for it. Write down a list of all the actions needed to get to the situation you want sorted by time and importance. Start immediately with these steps, and continue working every day, moving towards your main goal.

5. Personal Excellence: The most valuable asset you have is you. So one has to invest in himself and his career by developing his skills, so he can increase his value and increase his expected profits. It is important that this development be a priority throughout your life.

6. Courage: All of us are afraid of something, and most people are afraid of failure and poverty. Self-discipline helps to gain the courage to face problems and crises.

7. Perseverance: Nothing great is achieved in life without perseverance, which makes us overcome setbacks, frustrations, obstacles and even crises.

8. Work: Many people waste as amazing time in unproductive tasks. So you need to identify and focus on the most productive activities. A survey of CEOs was conducted and identified two characteristics that are the most important qualities they are looking for in their employees: "the ability to prioritize and work on high-value tasks", and "organization to work quickly and accurately"
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No Excuses! The Power of Self-Discipline by Brian Tracy.

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