Buderus Logamatic TC100 – the smart control for heating and hot water
The Logamatic TC100 of Buderus is a multizone internet-connected programmable smart thermostat for heating and hot water system control, which can be operated using the MyMode app.
A demo mode is offered in case you would like to try it out before buying the product. The demo mode requires to install the App and it showcases the extensive features and simplicity of use of the App. The Logamatic TC100 is compatible with most Buderus boilers or other branded boilers with an On-Off (24-230V) interface (requires an additional accessory).

Individual temperature control
With the Logamatic TC100 it is possible to set up to 18 Smart Radiator Thermostats (additional accessory), each with its individual schedule and set temperatures. This ensures you have the right comfort temperature in each zone and that each zone only heats when you want therefore saving energy.

The Logamatic TC100 intuitive operation and modern design ensures it is very simple to operate using either its built-in color touch-screen or the app.
• Supplied with a pre-set schedules that can then be easily modified to fit your needs.
• It features a ‘vacation mode’, requiring just a beginning and end date. You can also set up other type of events such a national holiday or a day at home.
• A quick installation guide is provided with each Logamatic TC100. Additional information is available at the website: including the product manuals, a list of compatible appliances and helpful videos that provide further detail on specific functions.

The Logamatic TC100 advanced programming enables it to have an ‘intelligent conversation’ with the appliance to take advantage of features which help improve energy efficiency, such as:
• Load and weather compensation which reduce the appliance water temperature to help further increase efficiency, while also increasing user comfort.
• Unlike other smart heating controls, it can also control your domestic hot water settings, helping provide additional energy savings and comfort.
• Visual representation of energy usage data can help you easily identify where potential savings could be made.

Want an Logamatic TC100 for your home?
To take smarter control of your heating, first check if your heating appliance is compatible by visiting the web site:
The Logamatic TC100 only requires a 2- wire connection between the control and the appliance. The internet connection requires an available Wireless Internet Router available at home.
From version MyMode 3.8.0:


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