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My Word List is a powerful word list app / offline English dictionary with over 800,000 words, terms, and idioms: more entries than most vocabulary apps. Includes examples, idioms, phrasal verbs. You can add, save, store words, add notes and image examples to your words. No limit on the amount of words you can add!

- Personal Dictionary
- Word Store
- Word Bank
- Vocabulary List
- Vocabulary Builder

Look up words and phrases from any app including Amazon Kindle and Facebook.

If you already know some basic English, and need a way to look up words, and learn new vocabulary, and be able to store and keep track of all the vocabulary you learn, this app is for you.

Whenever you come across a word that you don’t know, you can add it to your list and learn it with My Word List.

As you learn more and more words, you can search, review them, track their learning status, add notes, and when you feel like you have mastered them, you can check them as mastered in your list. You will never forget a word again!

• Offline dictionary with over 800,000 terms.
• Over 1 million offline example sentences.
• Flashcards
• Spaced Repetition
• Add images and links to notes and flashcards.
• Dark mode.
• Set goals for learning.
• Study for GRE, SAT (over 7,000 words included for GRE and SAT). Study lists include GRE, SAT, ACT, TOEFL, GMAT, IELTS, LSAT, MCAT, PRAXIS, TOEIC.
• Look up words from any app.
• Online translations to over 100 languages.
• Clean, easy to use interface.
• Shows word frequency (“popularity or ranking”).
• Add any words, terms or sentences to your list, including ones not in the dictionary.
• The definitions are already included. Add your own notes, change learning status. It automatically updates stats: added, updated, last viewed, or mastered dates, the total number of views.
• 4 Learning levels: New (1), Learning (2), Advanced (3) and Mastered (4). Each level has different colors. Update your level as you go.
• Word Finder tool allows you to locate your personal words in articles. If you want to know what words in your personal list appear in the article you read, this tool is very useful.
• Links to Google Definition, Translate, Google Image and Videos, Webster dictionary (online), and other sites.
• Listen to the word’s pronunciation in UK and US accents.
• Search the dictionary or your personal word lists. using partial word searches, custom filters, and sort orders. Sort by frequency, or alphabetical order. learning status, or the last day you viewed, modified or added the words.
• Wildcard search available Search for words with certain letters, with patterns such as * and ?.
• Create your own word groups or custom lists. Each word can belong to multiple groups.
• Lookup a definition from any app by highlighting a word and pressing COPY.
• Customizable font size for the definition, notes, and examples.
• Recent word search history.
• Import your own word lists into the application. Backup and save your data to a text file. Import the same data later if you need.
• Automatic backup/restore in your google account. If you reinstall the app under the same account, your data will be restored.
• Customizable reports. Export your data to a tab-delimited text file that you can open in Excel or Google spreadsheet, including notes, add/update/mastered/last view dates, status, lists, and definitions.
• Check your progress with stats: total, daily, weekly and monthly stats.

We want to make this application better. We value your feedback. If you want us to change something, or add features, or have any issues, please email us. We will be adding more features in the upcoming releases.

You can contact the developer at [email protected]

Happy learning and thanks for using our app!
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