If you are planning to invest in a Photovoltaic solar installation for your home or any other commercial and non-commercial use, you have the right tool to advise you on the feasibility of your desired solar power system. You will be able to get the best performance results for any desired location and configuration. This app will help you in the process of decision making for installation of a PV System.
With My Solar Panel you will gain enormous flexibility for designing your photovoltaic panels, solar power inverter and all other PV equipment. You can make your configuration according to your needs and set your PV system on any desired location on the map.

⭐⭐⭐ Premium version features ⭐⭐⭐
- Available in English, German, Spanish, Italian, French and Polish
- Tracking options for your PV system
- Current weather information for all desired locations
- Split system design with 2 arrays
- Real-time Solar PV Simulator
- Shading model for calculation of self-shading losses between strings
- Additional map tools (compass, satellite view)
- Tool for calculation the number of panels needed for your system with specific characteristics of the panels
- No adds and much more.

* All in one app
My Solar Panel is your assistant which offers you a various palette of parameters for any desired location on the map. It provides:
- Monthly irradiance
- Optimal tilt angle
- Monthly and daily optimal tilt angles
- Optimal orientation
- Annual electricity generation
- Monthly electricity generation
- Total area of all panels
- Number of panels needed for your desired system – available two options
- Total land area for your desired system
- Payback period in years for your desired system
- Capacity factor of your system
- Energy degradation in 25-years period
- Avoided CO2 emissions
- Levelized cost of electricity
- Energy yield
- Optimization module with comparison option
- Shading module for calculation of self-shading losses from solar array.
- Real time Solar PV Simulator for electricity generation…and much more.

* Easy to use
- Simple and user-friendly interface.
- Three steps approach: choose a location, design your system, see the results.

* Designing your solar power system
For better flexibility and appropriateness of the users, depending on their background, the model requires several input parameters, which are divided in two categories – Basic and Advanced data.
- Installed power of your PV System
- Tilt angle of the panels
- Orientation of the panels
- Average electricity price of your bill or average electricity sell price (market, PPA, etc.)
- Photovoltaic panels (photovoltaic modules) efficiency
- Solar power inverter efficiency
- solar power system cost in USD per installed kW, including solar panel cost, solar power inverter cost and all other solar installation cost
- Degradation rate of the PV modules

* Optimize your results
- Find out the optimal tilt angle and orientation
- Find out monthly tilt angles
- Minimize your shading losses
- Compare you results

* Explore the other possibilities
- Check the shading losses of your system
- Check the sunrise and sunset for any time of the year
- Check the sun position for any time of the year
- And much more…

* Get more than an app
- Our goal is not only to help you find the best output for your PV System, but also to help you explore the possibility of the solar power as an unlimited source of energy and to encourage you in making a very minor impact on the climate change.
- Whenever you need help for designing your PV System or interpretation of the data, open the user manual from the app (help option) or just contact us.

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From version My Solar Panel MSP v.2.0.19:

✔ Generation of PDF Reports
✔ Now available in English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Polish, Russian and Portuguese
✔ Added options for PV tracking systems
✔ Added current weather information for all desired locations
✔ Added detailed financial analysis
✔ Performance improvements
✔ Minor bug fixes

Thank you 😊

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