Download the brand-new My Crazy Tattoo App for free and have fun watching the tattoos come alive before your eyes.

The application will only work with Crazy Tattoos: 46 tattoos with an augmented reality function contained in a special box that you can take with you everywhere, sharing your animations with your friends.

How does it work?

1.Apply the tattoo to any part of the body you want;
2.Use the App to frame it in the viewfinder of your tablet or smartphone;
3.Watch the tattoo magically come to life;
4. Make your own photos and videos and share them with your friends.

The application lets you:
- Take a photo or selfie of the animation and personalise it with text or stickers;
- Shoot a video;
- The Free mode function will let you capture the animation on screen and show it even when you move the device away from the tattoo for guaranteed endless fun.

The tattoo might not work properly on some skin types.
If the tattoo is incomplete or has bits missing, the animation might not work.
Use the glitter and the pencil included in the kit to create special tattoos. Do not use them over or near the temporary tattoo, otherwise the animation may not work.
After prolonged use, the device might overheat because the application consumes a great deal of energy. In this case, the tattoo detection mode might stop working. We recommend exiting the App and allowing the device to cool down before attempting to play again.
If light reflections are detected on the tattoo when the device frames the image, the animation will not start. We recommend that you reposition the device or the tattooed part of the body before trying again.
From version My Crazy Tattoo 1.2: