This app is for everyone who is playing a musical instrument, interested in composing their own music, or preparing for music theory exams.

To help you learn music theory well, this app has video lessons that approach each concept in a unique way to help you understand it thoroughly. It also provides over 2,500 practice problems that you have never seen before, including lots of ear training, which is the part of music theory that requires the most practice.

A one-time in-app purchase is required to gain lifetime full access to the entire app including future updates. All learn sections and the practice section of the first lesson in each chapter are free.

This app has three sections: learn, practice, and test.

Learn: Watch a short video explaining a concept, such as major scales or species counterpoint.

Practice: Do problems related to what you've learned and get immediate feedback on multiple choice questions. For open-ended questions, post your solution to for personalized feedback. In order to ensure thorough understanding, you will need to answer each question correctly twice. If you answer a question incorrectly, it will be asked until you answer it correctly three times. The progress bar at the top shows how many questions you have left (increases when you answer incorrectly, decreases when you answer correctly)

Test: Check your understanding on each chapter with questions selected randomly from each lesson. Each question is asked once regardless of your answer. The app gives you feedback on your overall accuracy, accuracy for each lesson, and time taken after you finish.

Course syllabus:

Chapter 1 (The Fundamentals): notes, clefs, octaves, accidentals, enharmonic equivalents, symbols

Chapter 2 (Rhythm): duration, ties and dots, meter, tempo, beaming, stem direction

Chapter 3 (Scales, Keys, and Modes): major and minor scales, key signatures, other scales, modes, key of a piece

Chapter 4 (Ear Training 1): pitch patterns, scales, rhythmic patterns, error detection, meter, key of a piece, scale degree patterns

Chapter 5 (Intervals and Transposition): intervals, enharmonic intervals, transposition

Chapter 6 (Chords): triads, seventh chords, roman numeral analysis, other chords, figured bass

Chapter 7 (Harmony): diatonic chords, chord function, cadences, non-chord tones

Chapter 8 (Ear Training 2): intervals, triads, seventh chords, cadences, instruments, accompaniment types

Chapter 9 (Melody): motives, sequences, periods, variation, melodic analysis and composition

Chapter 10 (Harmonic Composition): species counterpoint, four-part writing, texture

Chapter 11 (Harmonic Progression): progression types, resolution of seventh chords, secondary dominants, augmented sixth chords, Neapolitan chords, harmonization

Chapter 12 (Modulation): key relationships, types of modulations (pivot chord, enharmonic, direct, chromatic, circle, sequential)

Chapter 13 (Ear Training 3): melodic elements, non-chord tones, variation, texture, chord progressions, modulation

Chapter 14 (Ear Training 4): melodic dictation, harmonic dictation, sight singing

Chapter 15 (Structure and Form): sectional form, other form, symbols, compositional devices, instrumentation, transposing instruments
From version Music Theory and Ear Training 2.2.2:

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