mPass is a password manager app that allows you to keep and manage passwords, logins, and other private info safe and secure in one encrypted database and access them anywhere on any device.

One unique feature of mPass password manager is the ability to help you retrieve all your passwords, logins, notes and other credentials even if you lose your phone. You can never be stranded as you can access your account securely on multiple devices on any platform.

Another unique feature that make it the best password to use is a dashboard that shows your password health as well as information about any weak, vulnerable, reused or compromised passwords. With this you can easily change those passwords in order to stay safe.

mPass serves as a secure password locker, password safe and password vault that uses the best industrial standard encryption protocol to keep your password safe and constantly updates with the latest safety standards to keep it as the best password manager.

mPass is also a note management app. All your notes are secured and encrypted with the same level of security provided for all your passwords. You can also access all your notes on multiple devices on any platform.

Key features include:

Your data is always encrypted with a strong multi-level Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). Your data will only be revealed to you when you request for it, other than that, it stays encrypted and secured.

You can easily restore your entire account to a new phone or computer (in case of a loss or an upgrade). If you like to you multiple devices to access your data, your phone, tablet or computer automatically synchronized with the latest copy of your data.

You can instantly unlock your account with a fingerprint on devices with a fingerprint sensor. This feature is available on devices with Android 6.0 or higher and all Samsung devices.

Analyze your password to know the strength of your password. The strength indicator displays the password with corresponding color sign for weak, vulnerable and compromised.

The password generator helps you generating random and extra strong password of any desirable length up to 128 characters.

Access your account on multiple platforms (iOS, Windows, and Android) and different device factors (Phones, Tablets and Desktops).

Keep your passwords safe by dowloading mPass - Secure Password Manager today!

We are always listening, contact us at [email protected] for feedback and suggestions on way to keep mPass as the best and secure password management app.
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