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Motion detection ultimate

New - sound detection.

Google drive supported!!!
Leave your phone to do the motion detection - and check your google drive for captured images or videos.

New - Pinch to zoom.

Press the big red button.
Set the sensitivity scroll bar to 15,000 ~ 20,000
Make sure your phone is steady.
Make sure you have enough light.

On Motion detection you can:
Capture Images.
Upload pictures to google drive.
Sound Alarm.

Main features:
* Choose to save images with low or high resolution.
* Choose from different alarm sounds.
* Choose auto focus.
* Choose motion detection sensitivity.

Choose from 4 different Motion detection algorithms :
* Small animals
* Fast & optimized.
* Brightness comparison.
* Fast brightness comparison.

Choose from Settings->Motion detection Algorithm.

Premium users can also:
* record videos.
* upload videos to google drive.

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Privacy declaration:
From version Motion detection Ultimate 1.4.57:

Experimental - much faster detection - if it doesn't work - in the main screen: disable the "Faster" switch. I welcome any feedback.
Double tap on the screen to dim & un-dim.
Fixed the image rotation.
Fixed Android 12 google ads crash.
Added "Small Animal5" algorithm - for bigger connected objects.
Added Video Editor.
Android latest Security updates(SDK 31).
Change the name to "Motion detection ultimate".
Added Google Drive Login Icon (Setting:Google Drive)
Gallery optimizations.

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