Now morning exercises is fun!
Morning exercise - is the guarantee of health. It is necessary to do everyone, and adults and children.
With our application workouts will turn into a fun game, but not boring, and give not only energize to the child, but also the positive for the whole day.
Encourage your kids to a healthy lifestyle since childhood!
Lickety Split -- Kidsu0027 Timer

Motivate kids to complete tasks with Lickety Split

Kids Academy Talented & Gifted

Learning program for kids from 2-10 with 5,000+ games, videos & worksheets!

Learn Multiplication Table - Times Table Game

Learn Multiplication Table with panda. Kids' fun game to practice multiplication

Carbs & Cals Counter: Diabetes, Diet & Weight Loss


Colgate Magik

Unlock your Colgate Magik toothbrush with our augmented reality brushing app!

Meditation KIDS

Mindfulness and meditation to relax children until they fall asleep.

Happy Kids Timer Chores

A visual countdown timer helps children learn their morning routine

Yoga for Kids and Family fitness - Easy Workout

Yoga workout plan for beginners, daily yoga fitness plan for health & mind

bmath - Mathematics Games for Kids & Families

Engaging educational games with real-life math problems! From 3 to 12 years.

Innovamat - Maths for Primary Kids

Get kids excited about Maths with tailored educational games! 3 to 12 years.

English For Kids

Learn English easily and in a fun way through pictures and games. Learn and play


Interactive Bodyweight Trainer

IQsha: development for kids

IQsha – learning and development of children. Play and practice!

Animal sounds. Learn about animals and play.

Educational and entertainment app with the voices of animals.

Kids Exercise: Warm up & Yoga for Kids

Family kids exercise and fitness exercise at home, yoga for kids offline app


Back pain, disc herniation, scoliosis

Math Workout Pro - Math Games

Math workout game will improve your math skills and train your brain for free

Meditation for kids - calmness

Meditation App for Kids to relax, Sleep Better, Stay Calm & Cope with Stress

New Horizon: Kids Meditation & Sleep Stories

Sleep Stories, Guided Meditations & Sleep Meditations for Kids - Bedtime App

Fitness for Kids: Kids Workout

Fitness for Kids - yoga and bodyweight workout for kids at home! Simple and Safe