You know those picture-perfect Instagram/Pinterest moms who have all their stuff together? Yeah… That’s not what this is. This is for moms like me, who, most of the time, are running around in circles, stressed, out of time, running late, and just BUSY. ALL. THE. TIME. We wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world, though! Well, maybe for a nap. Or a coffee. I am here to help you learn how to take care of YOURSELF so that you can take care of everyone else in your life! It's about time you put yourself first, for once, mama. Let me help you learn how to reach your health and fitness goals! I'll show you how to lose fat and gain muscle without giving up your precious family time, and WITHOUT restricting your favorite foods! With this fitness app, you can start tracking your workouts and meals, measuring results, and achieving your fitness goals, all with the help of your personal trainer. Download the app today!
From version Mom Gets Muscles 7.33.0:

We’ve made some exciting upgrades to the Apple Watch App powered by Trainerize that will make it easier for clients to train on the go! Now, clients can leave their phones behind and be able to start and track any workout (regular, circuit, and interval), including three new cardio activities, swimming, dancing, and HIIT, directly from their watch!
As always, we've also made some back-end upgrades and bug fixes to make your experience even better.

Baby Pandau0027 s House Cleaning

Clean the room, the refrigerator, and the bathroom. Let's clean the house!

Little Pandau0027s Monster Salon

Visit Monster Spa Salon to enjoy a day of beauty and relaxation.

Baby Pandau0027s Bath Time

Tick tack, Tick tack! It’s bath time! Take a bath while learning and having fun!

Baby Panda’s Pet House Design

Use fruits, ice pops, and other materials to design houses for pets!

Baby Panda Happy Clean

Happy Clean, makes tidying up fun and exciting!

Baby Pandau0027s Art Classroom

Drawing, coloring, and handcrafting. Make the most of your artistic creativity!

Baby Pandau0027s Kids Safety

Safety knowledge that will help kids keep safe at home or in the outdoors.

Little Pandau0027s Dream Castle

Design and decorate your dream castle.

Baby Panda: Magical Opposites

Panda Miumiu is in trouble! Let's use magical opposites, antonyms to help her!

Baby Pandau0027s Home Stories

Help the family and create your sweet home stories!

Baby Pandau0027s Food Party

Dress up your cake, ice cream... Enjoy the fun of a food dress-up party!

Little Pandau0027s Food Cooking

Make delicious food!

Baby Pandau0027s Magic Kitchen

Cook & get to love the magic food in the kitchen.

Baby Pandau0027s Kids Crafts DIY

Toy cars, dolls, crowns... Be creative with many choices of DIY kids crafts!

Baby Panda’s Handmade Crafts

Ever wanted to be a craftsman? Begin your handmade crafts with our baby panda!

Baby Panda’s Summer: Vacation

Soak up the sun, sip a tropical drink...your summer vacation awaits!

Little Pandau0027s Dream Garden

Plant and cook! Come and create your very own Dream Garden with little panda!

Baby Panda Gets Organized

Love our little helping hands! Keep rooms tidy!

Baby Pandau0027s Magic Drawing

Use magic crayons to draw different props in the story.

Baby Pandau0027s Juice Shop

Endless fruit! Endless summer juice! Endless creation!