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Mobile Three Kingdoms is based on Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

[Game Features]
1. Turn-Based Massive-User Strategic Simulation
One turn per 3 minutes, That's the first thing you should know.

2. Search and hire the great hero/heroine.
Hero/Heroine(s) will assist your long journey to the Emperor as friend or foe.

3. War Novel System
Your battles will be recorded as a tale by bards(artificial intelligence)

4. Turmoil (Certain period of time: 3 hours per every 4 weeks)
Intense wars will be waged to become an emperor.
After turmoil, the final winner becomes an emperor.

5. Guild system (Clan System)
We support BBS and guild.
Challenge different guilds to obtain a higher rank and become the most dominant guild of the Mobile Three Kingdoms.
From version Mobile Three Kingdoms 1.07.08:

ANR & Crashes fix

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