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The app includes:
Ohm's law for DC
Ohm's law for AC
LC Resonance
Y-Δ Transformation
Electrical Energy
Current Density
Ideal transformer
AC circuits
Connection of capacitors
Capacitive reactance
Run a 3 phase motor on a single phase
Capacitive Voltage Divider
Capacitor Charge / Energy Calculator
Calculation of discharge time of capacitors
Connection of resistors
Voltage divider
LED Resistor
Decode the color bands resistors
Encode the color bands resistors
Wheatstone Bridge Calculator
Decode alphanumeric value
Encode alphanumeric value
Conductor Resistance
Conductor length
Conductor size
Voltage drop
Electrical resistivity and conductivity
Maximum length of conductor
Calculate Amps
Calculate Power
Calculate kVA (3 Phase)
Calculate Power Factor(3 Phase)
Calculate efficiency
Calculate of the motor slip
Calculate motor torque
Individual compensation three-phase induction motors
Calculate motor power for centrifugal pump
Calculate motor power for piston compressor
Calculate motor power for the fan
Three-Phase Motor Voltage Unbalance
Three-Phase Motor Current Unbalance
Allowable ampacities for wire (NEC,IEC,CEC,PUE)
Wire Size Calculator(NEC,IEC,CEC,PUE)
Motor protection(PUE)
Maximum circuit conductor length(NEC,IEC,CEC,PUE)
Maximum circuit ampacity(NEC,IEC,CEC,PUE)
Conduit Fill Calculator(NEC)
Minimum levels of short-circuit current
Short-circuit current at the secondary terminals of a MV/LV distribution transformer
Calculate fuse
Power of heating element
Heating Element use Nichrome
Leakage current
Calculation sizing a generator for your home
IP Code
Appliance classes
Force of an Electromagnet
Electricity Cost Calculator
Calculation of electrical loads applying demand factor
UPS Battery size calculator
UPS Battery runtime calculator
Generator short circuit fault current
Conversion Wire sizes
Conversion VA-W-VAr and calculate Reactive Power Compensation
Conversion cos(φ)-sin(φ)-tg(φ)
AWG Conversions
Conversion of units of temperature
Conversion distance
Conversion units of pressure
Conversion units of flow
Conversion units of volume
Conversion voltage
Conversion units of energy
Conversion SI prefixes
Conversion Weight
Time Units Conversion
Power Units Conversion
Calculate number cables that fits in a pipe
Cable Reel Capacity
Length of cable on a reel
Inductive reactance cable
Calculate the weight of the metal in the cable
Cable weight by formulas
Wiring Color Codes
Length of a Hanging Cable
Power losses in cable
From version Mobile electrician 4.9:

Added section Inductance:
Connection of inductors
Wire Self Inductance
Inductive reactance
Inductive voltage divider
Decode the color bands inductors
Inductance of an air core inductor
Inductance of a solenoid
Updating themes
Some calculations have been updated.
Other modifications and improvements.
Bugs fixed.


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