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DriApp mileage tracker for your convenience a lot when you have to move.
Easy way for trip tracking for mileage compensation.
Easy to use, press either work- or private drive button, when you start driving, and when you finish just press STOP. If you need it's can be track car mileage Automatically.

This app is development since 2010, Our long history quarantine that our users are happy! First OBD2 supported Mileage Tracker in world 2010.
Over 50000 happy users!!

Start you free trial today!
The 14-day free trial is included in the 1-month and 12-month Google Play subscription packages. You can cancel your subscription free of charge during this period if you are not satisfied with our software.
Cancelling your subscription via Google Play

SECURE! You Mileage log are in your device where you can export them monthly excel, pdf etc. Optional you can make automatically backup to Google Drive or cloud.

- Mileage Tracker (Works background if background location is allowed by user)
- Odometer sync
- Simple working diary (Free feature for all)
- Choose work, private or taxi mode for GUI
- Works on background (REQUIRES background allowed from user)
- Optional automatic tracking mode (REQUIRES background allowed from user)
- Use with OBD (ELM327 supported) or GPS
- Export/Send mileage and working logs easy
- Edit/Add driving diary history
- Automatic resolve start and stop address to logs
- Navigation
- Google Navigation integration (Optional Waze)
- Track Miles/Track KM, Imperial and metric units (km/mi)
- Several currencies support
- Mileage Tracker for taxi (REQUIRES background allowed from user)
- Drivers Tracker (REQUIRES background allowed from user)
- Measure by distance, time or time & distance combination (REQUIRES background allowed from user)
- Exact measure via GPS or OBD
- Meter on/off/pause
- Crossover speed (waiting)
- 4 user define base fare

Development, feedback and bug reports
DriApp through Google Play is available in more than 10,000 for the device, it is possible that this crowd devices can always find a device which may be present something wrong.
We are developing an application actively and if you have any problems or ideas for development, so please feel free to e-mail us at [email protected] Your feedback is important to us!
From version Mileage Tracker - DriApp 9.51-190522:

The app is updated regularly so we can make it better for you. Always download the latest version!
- Interface fixes and other improvements

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