Your Home is a MIkvah Calendar App that has been approved by Israel's most distinguished orthodox Rabbis. It was founded and developed by Rabbi Itzchak Steinberg with the goal of promoting family purity according to Jewish law.
Since family purity is one of the foundations of Judaism, Rabbi Steinberg's aim is to provide a service that facilitates the observance of this important mitzvah by as many Jewish women as possible.
The rapid pace of modern life, with its many daily demands together with the growing popularity of travel to other parts of the world, complicate the observance of family purity. Your Home therefore offers a tool that not only performs all the relevant calculations but also sends helpful reminders at appropriate times.
We in Your Home believe that a happy Jewish home begins with family purity.
Website Features
Mikvah calculator
Ovulation calculator
Pregnancy calculator
Reminders by SMS / email
Ask the Rabbi
Forums on various topics:
pregnancy and childbirth
Who are the intended users?
Your Home is designed to serve as wide an audience as possible. It caters to both Ashkenazic and Sephardic customs as well as to various religious affiliations. It is especially convenient when travelling across time zones.
Why should you prefer to use Your Home?
Your Home is extremely user friendly and can be accessed with any smartphone or personal computer. It also includes a comprehensive and concise review of Jewish family purity laws that is very easy to understand.
Your Home has received the blessing and approval of many prominent Rabbis.
Your Home ensures personal privacy and safeguards all personal data.
From version Mikvah Calendar App - Your Home 3.0.1:

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