The best high school love story ever. Mermaid girl Mia has already hidden in the room for many days. She feels so boring and wants to have a free swim. So this lovely couple decides to have a summer vacation to a tropical island in mermaid game.
Mermaid Mia and Eric come to a beautiful beach and have a leisure chat with each other. Wow, Eric is so charming that he plays a romantic song for his first crush mermaid Mia. This high school boy prepares a surprise dinner for his love. It’s so romantic! Be the mermaid girl and find more love surprise in our mermaid game.

Mermaid Princess Makeover Features:
1.High school boy Eric’s neighbor Susan finds a mermaid in the summer pool.
2.Mermaid Princess Mia leaves high school boy Eric’s house beforehand and escape from the danger successfully.
3.Journalist Ruby plans to explore mermaid secrets but she only finds a fake mermaid doll. Are mermaids real?
4.High school girl Mia has hidden in the room for few weeks. Mermaid girl Mia feels so boring and wants to have a summer swim for fun.
5.Mermaid Princess’s first love Eric promise mermaids Mia to have a summer vacation together.
6.The high school lovers come to a beautiful summer island and start a romantic love date. What a happy love life for our mermaid games for girls.
7.Such a beautiful summer sunset! Mia, the flower girl has a leisure chat with her first crush.
8.There is a love bridge in this summer island. The lovers make a love lock by themselves and fall in love with each other. Enjoy the love story in mermaid girl games.
9.High school boy Eric date with his first crush Mia. Such a romantic love story!
10.Gosh! Why mermaid Princess disappear in the deep ocean? Where is Mia? Save Mermaids now!

Most romantic high school love story. The best mermaid games for girls ever! Be the real mermaid princess and download free mermaid game now!

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