This is a fully configurable Meditation Timer, Tracker and Chanter. You can add a mantra, prayer or chant and associate an image to be shown when playing the track in a loop. You can even record a chant using the built-in recording facility. You can set alarms for waking up with the magical chant sounds. It comes with elaborate tracking and reporting of your meditation routines to help you get more organised. Regular meditaion helps you strengthen your mind, improve concentration, boost self confidence and relieve stress. It also features a Silent Meditation mode to help Breathe Meditation.

Extra Features in Pro (compared to Free version):
- Add or record your own mantras
- Edit individual mantras including pre-installed ones
- Configure alarms for waking up
- Optional status bar notification

Your settings can be automatically imported if you are migrating from a free version.

The number of chants to play, bell sound periodicity, pause between chants and several other parameters can be specified for each mantra. You could set a sleep timer for the application to auto exit after a specified time. You may also set it to auto play the next track after a certain number of chants. You can save your own description about the mantra such as the wordings for easy reference.

To help you have a quick start, it comes pre-installed with several powerful OM mantras from Hinduism and Buddhism. The wordings and meanings of all these mantras are provided for your easy reference. You may change the tracks or pictures associated with these and revert back any time. Basc meditation instructions are provided as well, if you are new to meditation.

Om is regarded as the eternal sound. It is the sound which is there in the universe all the time. It is said to be the only sound you would hear when you go into deep meditation. These time-tested Vedic Om (AUM) mantras will relax your mind and body and uplift your soul.

Happy Meditation.
From version Meditate ॐ OM Pro 8.4:

Add unlimited number of mantras. Record your own chants. Lot of customizations. Your ultimate meditation aid!

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