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Mathigon is an interactive learning platform for mathematics. A completely new content format, combined with an innovative new curriculum, make learning more personalised and fun than ever before: we call it the “Textbook of the Future”.

Highly interactive content allows students to actively “explore and discover”. Rather than watching a video and memorizing procedures, students learn problem-solving, creativity and curiosity. Mathigon can seamlessly adapt to different abilities, and a virtual personal tutor provides tailored help and feedback in real-time.

Mathigon is used by thousands of students and teachers around the world. This mobile app is available for phones and tablets, works offline, and is completely free to use.

Learn about topics like prime numbers, polygons and polyhedra, triangles and trigonometry, probability, graph theory, sequences, circles and pi, and more.

“One of the most engaging maths resources available on the web.” – The Guardian
“Beautifully designed and interactive.
 A front-runner for a new
 generation of textbooks.” – Common Sense Education
“The content of Mathigon is superb.” – Educational App Store

• BETT Awards – Highly Commended (2020)
• GESS Awards – Best Free App (2019)
• Common Sense Education – Top Pick for Learning (2019)
• EdTech Digest – Cool Tools Awards Finalist (2019)
• Reimagine Education – Cultivating Curiosity Award Gold Winner (2018)
• EDUCATE EdWards – Evidence Aware (2018)
• Webby Awards – Honoree (2017)
• Academics Choice Smart Media Awards – Winner (2017)
From version Mathigon 1.2.3:

This update includes dozens of additions and improvements to Polypad:
• 3D geometry, including the ability to create your own nets and solids
• Equation editor and function plotting
• Rich text editor and new table component with spreadsheet features
• Dynamic geometry environment
• Many new tile types, actions, bug fixes and improvements

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