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• Validated by research:
• All arithmetic exercises are completely FREE
• No ads. Math & Logic is a completely safe environment for children - there is no advertising or ability for an external party to contact your child.
• No setup or registration needed
• No Wi-Fi necessary to play
• Unique interface that discourages children to use trial-and-error
• Scientifically proven to improve performance in children with learning disabilities:

ImagiRation’s free math and brain training program consists of fun and interactive puzzle games to help your child learn math and improve cognitive development. ImagiRation puzzles were designed by brain scientists and used by over 1 million children.


• Arithmetic
• Logic
• Numbers
• Counting
• Addition
• Subtraction
• Multiplication
• Division
• Mental Synthesis
• Critical thinking
• Logical Reasoning
• Impulse Control
• Attention
• Working Memory
• Creativity


• Math & Logic teaches through a variety of interactive learning activities including games, animations, art activities, and puzzles – all of which can be monitored by parents through a Progress Tracker.
• Each activity is adaptive and delivers exercises that are at the exact level of difficulty appropriate for your child at any given point in time.
• The selection of activities is also adaptive. New activities will be automatically selected based on your child performance.
• Simple drag-and-drop mechanism makes it easy for all children, including toddlers and preschoolers, to touch and move objects.
• Structured approach to cognitive exercises, with a set number of games on a path that kids can complete every day before earning a fun reward at the end of their daily exercises.
• Animated characters and Playtime rewards will keep your child engaged while learning and having fun.
• Multiple Playtime themes will allow your child to choose the one that appeals to him or her most.
• Clean and intuitive interface with beautiful graphics that every child will love.


• Learn numbers
• Learn arithmetic
• Learn multiplication table
• Improve intelligence and IQ
• Strengthen early language and cognitive development
• Improve visual learning and spatial thinking
• Improve fine motor skills
• Enhance problem-solving and reasoning abilities
• Improve attention and concentration in children with ADHD
• Develop mental-simulation skills
• Prepare for kindergarten admission exams, such as Admissions Assessment for Beginning Learners (AABL) and other Kindergarten Readiness Tests (KRT)
• Prepare for other standardized tests: WISC
• Prepare for private school entrance screening.


ImagiRation is developed by Dr. A. Vyshedskiy, a neuroscientist from Boston University; R. Dunn, a Harvard-educated early-child-development specialist; MIT-educated, J. Elgart and a group of award-winning artists and developers working alongside experienced therapists.

Available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, German, French, Canadian French, Italian, Arabic, Farsi, Korean, and Chinese.
From version Math & Logic - Brain Games: Preschoolers to Age 10 9.1.2:

• Validated by research:
• All arithmetic exercises are completely FREE
• No ads
• No setup or registration needed
• No Wi-Fi necessary to play
• Never-repeating dynamically-generated cognitive exercises are organized by category into 70+ games
• Scientifically proven to improve performance in children with learning disabilities:
• Available in Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, Russian, German, Arabic, Farsi, Korean, and Chinese.

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