🔊 Make sure your alarm wakes you up with these very loud sounds and ringtones. 🔊

📢 These high volume sounds and ringtones are perfect for alarms, notifications or ringtones. There are 71 high volume sounds and ringtones that are loud and clear. 📢

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📢 Simply listen to the loud and clear ringtone or sound. If you like it, press the green check and select either alarm, ringtone, notification, or contact. 📢

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According to our many users the best telephone sounds are:
🐔 Rooster
🐴 Races
💣 Bomb Whistle
🔔 Whistle and Bell
⏰ Extreme Clock

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From version Loudest Alarm Ringtones Varies with device:

Minor update

Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers

Smart alarm clock with timer, stopwatch, holidays support & calendar integration

Alarm Sounds & Ringtones

Wake up with Alarm Sounds & Ringtones - cool music ringtones you can find!

Funny Alarm Ringtones

Funny ringtones, alarm sounds and wallpapers 4 you! Get Funny Alarm Ringtones!

Gentle Wakeup - Sleep & Alarm Clock with Sunrise

Turn your Android into a professional wake up light.

Speaking Alarm Clock - Hourly Timer Water Interval

Hourly Voice Reminder / Alarm /Interval /Countdown Timer/ Only Headset /Battery

Dr. Alarm - Smart alarm clock

Smart and reliable alarm clock, timer and stopwatch with weather forecast.

Smart Alarm Clock

Simple but Beautiful Alarm Clock for Android

Alarm Clock

Simple music alarm clock. Loud Alarm - Wake Up Easy

Music Alarm Clock

Alarm Clock for free with the amazing Ringtones for men and women. Install now!

Alarm Clock

Free alarm clock reminder with simple & stylish features-NO MORE OVERSLEEP

LOUD Alarm Ringtones Pro

Super loud sound effects and songs for alarms, ringtones and notifications!

Loud Ringtones

Loud sound effects like sirens, alarms, horns and more you can use as ringtones

Alarm Clock to Wake up & Improve Your Sleep

Alarm Clock to Wake: Sleep Like a Baby, Wake Up Like a Tiger

Classical Music Alarm Clock

Wake up to Beethoven, Mozart, Bach, and all your favorite classical composers

Alarm Clock Puzzle – Free Wake Up Alarm

Don't oversleep ever again with this free Puzzle Alarm Clock for heavy sleepers!

CoolAlarm:Video and music alarm clock

It is the alarm clock using the video and music of YouTube.

Alarm Clock - THE LOUDEST!

Volume-boosted sounds and the most annoying tones for heavy sleepers!

Loud Alarm Clock

Max volume for heavy sleepers!

Mornify - Wake up to music

Mornify lets you use your favorite music as your alarm.

Easy Rise Alarm Clock

A gentle meditation alarm clock that makes waking up enjoyable and inspiring