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LINK Toolkit

*** This is a Tool for Webfleet Solutions Resellers and Installers only ***

The LINK Toolkit is a versatile Android app supporting you with the installation process of Webfleet Solutions LINK devices and accessories.

With the LINK Toolkit you can activate LINK vehicle tracking devices and connect a ecoPLUS, a LINK 105 or a Remote LINK with them. Additionally the app allows you to assign additional services such as Tachograph Manager, LINK.connect or Remaining Driving Times to the LINK that gets installed into a vehicle.

A position check allows you to check if a device is properly connected to WEBFLEET without logging in to WEBFLEET or to contact Customer Support for this matter.

LINK Toolkit is also equipped with diagnostic functionalities helping you to check the installation and connections such as power, GPS reception, digital Tachograph or FMS. Next to these functionalities the app gives you the option to do soft and hard resets if required and to update the firmware.

You will find FAQs around the LINK Toolkit in the Partner Portal.

For creating a LINK Toolkit user, please contact your local Sales Support team.
From version LINK Toolkit 2.8.3-b8:

- Fixed a bug which disallowed digit 7 as part of the device ID of a TPMS receiver

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