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Audio Bible in French, Complete Audio Bible French original version of Louis Segonde.
Of Genesis up to the Apocalypse, the Old Testament and the New Testament.
Audio version: link and listen to the books of the Holy Bible together!

Bible French Louis Segond is a free application that allows you to navigate through all the wisdom of the Bible.

The Holy Bible in French, King James Version:
- Audio Bible in French, is made especially for you, to forgive your sins.
- Bible French Louis Segond, has a modern and intuitive design to give you an optimal user experience
- Listen to the Bible comfortably on your cell phone.
- You can also help spread the word of the Lord and share this app with friends and family.
- The Holy Bible King James Version, we hope this app will be a blessing in your life.
- Continue to listen to the next chapter.
- The Bible (Audio) French King James, Jesus' words in red, Audio Bible (text speak) feature!
- This application contains the King James 1910 Bible.
- Audio Bible French, can work with any mobile data or Wi-Fi.

la sainte bible louis segond audio, We hope you like our audio Bible French mp3,
Pray with us for salvation and share with us your thoughts sacred!
Happy listening French Bible with Audio, King James Version 1910
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