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The KB Klíč app verifies your identity and safely logs you into MojeBanka online banking and Komerční banka's other online apps. You don't have to enter a texted code and you also authorise payments through the app.

You need the following for KB Klíč activation:
- KB ID, which you will find in the Electronic Signature Agreement. You can also use your username/email
- An activation code that you will receive at a KB branch or when you log into otherwise than via KB Klíč

The activation guide is available at

Set the PIN on the occasion of activation. You can set up your fingerprint if your phone supports them. Komerční banka will never see your fingerprints; they are retained in a secure repository in the phone.

If your phone is connected to the internet the request to confirm the activation will be received automatically in your phone. Check and confirm the request. If offline, select 'The device is not connected to the internet' option in your computer. Using the KB Klíč app, scan the pictorial code from the computer's screen. Then confirm the code by the PIN or fingerprint. Finally, type the generated code in your computer.

Please note: If you enter an incorrect PIN five times KB Klíč blocks access. You will then activate the apps using an activation code that you will receive in an ATM, at a KB branch or after logging into otherwise than via KB Klíč.

KB Klíč will not work for you if you have reinstalled software on your phone and your platform (root) is therefore not protected. All of this for the sake of security.
From version KB Klíč 3.0.2:

We are introducing a security innovation. It's a colour-code login. It looks like a QR code. We will ask you to scan it from your PC to KB Klíč in case:
- you are logging in for the first time,
- you are logging in for the first time from a new or unfamiliar PC.

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