Whether you are a new mom or an expert in the field trying to conceive with your fourth child, Juna: Safe Pregnancy Workouts app is bound to make every mother a fit mom. With carefully designed workout exercises, pregnancy diet and pregnancy food guide, Juna app is every expectful mother’s go-to during and after pregnancy. We strive to make this amazing prenatal and postnatal journey even easier and more enjoyable by providing useful tips related to your and your baby’s health.

Juna: Safe Pregnancy Workouts app is with you every step of the way, from trying to conceive phase to giving birth, breastfeeding and your toddler’s first solid foods. It is recommended to prepare your body before becoming pregnant, so Juna app offers a nutritional plan as well as a workout plan getting your body ready for the physical demands of pregnancy. Pregnancy guide leading you through safe workout exercises and pregnancy recipes is available for all three trimesters. Once you are in postpartum recovery, Juna: Safe Pregnancy Workouts app helps every mother reconnect with their Pelvic Floor and core before getting back into fitness.


✔️Fitness plans (While trying to conceive, prenatal and postnatal workouts)

Juna: Safe Pregnancy Workouts app has got you covered from the moment you decide to conceive though all three trimesters to postpartum workout. While you are still trying to conceive, we will help you prepare and strengthen your body with a series of thoughtfully-designed workout exercises.

While your body is still adjusting to the pregnancy in the first trimester, it consumes a lot of energy. Make up the needed energy with yoga, meditations, Barilates. Diastasis recti workouts are also included in the plan. Juna app provides fitness regime to avoid common aches and pains in the second trimester, then you are off to the third trimester where we prepare you for labor and delivery with specially designed workouts.

When the sweet pain of labor is behind you, reconnect with your Pelvic Floor and core with postpartum workout. Pelvic floor exercises and walking make great postnatal workouts and they will help you ease your way back into fitness after baby.

Get your kitchen ready for action while you are still trying to conceive! We will provide meal plans so that every mother can proudly say she is a healthy, fit mom. Remove toxins from your life, support your overall health with Juna pregnancy food guide. There are so many delicious pregnancy recipes to indulge in. And, yes, even desserts can be healthy and tasty.

✔️Courses for a new mom
Juna: Safe Pregnancy Workouts app has an enormous selection of courses which prepare new moms and experienced moms for what to expect during pregnancy and after the baby comes. Diaphragmatic breathing techniques are essential throughout your pregnancy. Juna app will teach you how to breathe. Learn how to care about your newborn, sleep patterns, breastfeeding and so much more.

✔️Juna Moms Community
Connect with other pregnant and postpartum moms through social media or Sarah Siebold’s podcast.

Being a healthy, fit mom makes a world of difference in your life and your baby’s life. Pregnancy exercise and workouts are essential for every mother who’s either trying to conceive, is already pregnant or in postpartum recovery. Juna app brings prenatal education to your mobile phone.

Put your faith in Juna app to be your pregnancy guide. We will help you understand and cope with what to expect fitness and diet wise when you’re expecting. Plus, you can always find some great and useful tips on what to expect after the labor. So, new moms and experienced moms, let your pregnancy journey begin with Juna: Safe Pregnancy Workouts app.
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