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From version IQ Test PRO 1.0:

EQally - Emotional Intelligence Game

Learn and practice micro-expression recognition to improve your EQ.

IQ Test

Find out how smart you are! Compare your mind with your friends!

Bennet Test

Measure Your Intelligence!

Mensa IQ Check

CogniFit - Test & Brain Games

Memory games and brain training

DOTsZLE - Logic and Colors Puzzle Game

Solve puzzles based on logic and basic color mixing knowledge

Train Your Brain

Improve focus, memory and train spatial thinking with these brain training games

Neural Network

Learning and using neural networks in an intuitive and natural way!

Tangram Master Premium

Premium Full Ad-free Tangram Master. Great logic puzzle for kids.

Multiple Intelligences Test

Identify your potentials according to the theory of multiple intelligences!

Brainwell Mind & Brain Trainer

Brainwell Mind Trainer has games to train your brain & memory. Play today!


Train your brain with BrainHQ from Posit Science for better brain health.

Brain training Pro

Train your brain, memory, logic to improve IQ with games offline

Memory Games: memory training for all Pro

Training memory to improve IQ, training your brain, logic free offline

IQ test

Intelligence test. Einstein's IQ is 160. Have you ever wondered what is your IQ?

Reaction Time

This is a simple tool to measure your reaction time.

SoftSkillers Personality Test

New: Daily free mental power check as an additional offer to our premium test

IQ Games Pro

English only. Discover your game IQ score with the best games from Mind Games.

Brain Games - improve your brain power

Develop your mental abilities with an interesting brain simulator - Brain Games

IQ and Aptitude Test Practice

Logical, numerical, and spatial test for aptitude and IQ test preparation