Being involved in any work or meeting, if something reminds you of time or brings your instant attention to time, that is Hourly chime app.

Hourly Chime is an app which is there to help you to manage your time. App plays short sounds at preset intervals. Get yourself occupied in daunting tasks & quickly have an alert sound to bring attention towards passing time.

📌 Hourly reminder sound ON/OFF toggle switch
📌 Repeat every hour, half hour & quarter hour
📌 Various chime sounds - Bell, Ding dong, Whistle, Etc.
📌 Set volume as required
📌 Silent time ON/OFF toggle switch
📌 Add do not disturb days
📌 Get Silent time frame by setting Start time & End time frame

Why Hourly Chime: Time Manager & Hourly Time Clock App?
➽ App alerts you about the time that you can plan & execute your time
➽ App plays short alerting sound reminding you of time
➽ It helps you in managing & scheduling events according to time frame
➽ Take a work break in regular Interval
➽ Time saver during long meetings & talks, works as cabin chime
➽ Works best as mindfulness bell & time scheduler
➽ Work time tracking tool for daily hours wise bell ringing
➽ Best hours clock during busy days
➽ Reminds you of important tasks on a timely manner
➽ Use it as pill reminder, water reminder, Time reminder or other time tracking activities

This hourly time tracker app is an easy break timer & motivation alarm clock for lazy hours to make you think about time.

Beep Beep!! It’s time to track hours! download the app now.
From version Hourly Chime: Time Manager 1.0.10:

Thanks for using Hourly Chime! We regularly update our app to fix bugs, improve performance.

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