HidePass Password Manager is a program that can be the most secure password management.

All password data is safe from online hacking because it stores the data on the user's mobile phone without storing it on the server.

All password data is strongly encrypted and stored.

Now just try using the HidePass Password Manager are provided.
HidePass is free.

🔑 Functions
1) ID and password manager and security information manager
2) data backup and data restore function
3) Ability to hide passwords
4) Logout function for background switching
5) Auto logout function when idle for a certain period of time
6) You can add a private note in addition to password manager.

🔑 Features
1) Offline storage method secure from online server hacking attack
2) Apply powerful 256-bit encryption to security
3) All data is stored with strong encryption
4) All data can not be recovered without master password.
5) A secure password manager with no ads.
6) Low memory consumption.

🔑 Data storage method
All password data is stored in the user's mobile phone memory rather than stored and managed on the online server.
Data is safe from server hacking because it does not store data separately on an online server.
From version HidePass - Free Password Manager 1.8.0:

v1.8.0 - Feature improvement
v1.7.0 - Improved backup and restore function
v1.6.0 - UI Improvement
v1.5.0 - Add new features
v1.4.0 - Simplify restore functionality

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